Commercial Design

The Design Club is known as the top model and commercial merchandising firms throughout the southeast United States and beyond. We set the stage for success with environments that bespeak market trends. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Architectural review and critique
  • Models
  • Design and Sales Centers
  • Budget Planning
  • Clubhouses, Spas and Fitness Centers
  • Offices,  Business centers, and Public Spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational facilities
  • Home theaters and media rooms

Real estate merchandising requires precise market analysis and the ability to translate design trends into sales-driven creative strategies. Environments must be restrained enough to appeal to a broad spectrum of prospective buyers and allow them to envision their own design tastes, while distinctive enough to be memorable.

Models must also inspire buyers to envision how distinctive their homes can look, while showing optimum use of upgrades and options.

Whether initial sales emanate from a temporary facility or a full-scale sales center, we ensure that a buyer’s first impression presents the project in its best possible light. All told, our designs have contributed to some of the most noted real estate successes. And as builders move to other markets, we go too!